We get the goods there

In the race to provide aid and comfort to the beleaguered population of Israel, World of Giving is on the front lines with medical supplies, clothing, toys, bedtime, and a caring touch.

Please help us support our friends under siege with your donation.

When you give to World of Giving you're helping cover the costs of warehousing, transporting, and distributing trailer-loads of relief around the world.

Today, World of Giving is at the forefront of Israel relief efforts, extending our reach far beyond the Tri-State area. Our warehouses, logistics expertise and connections with U.S. retailers enable us the help the residents under siege in Israel — as well as evacuees. We source and transport pallets of medical supplies, toys, bedding, towels, shoes, clothing, food and much, much more.

By cultivating relationships with big-brand retailers, Amazon sellers, and national charities, we obtain invaluable overstocked items including diapers, paper goods, cleaning supplies, and personal protective equipment.

We then pass along these top-quality products to those who need them, from evecuees to nurses on the front lines treating the injured. Of course, we still provide literally truckloads of brand new items to our own local community — homebound seniors, families hit hard by poverty, and anyone who needs a helping hand.

In times of crisis, our community and our brothers are sisters in Israel can count on World of Giving to deliver the goods they need to survive – with the heartwarming reassurance that they are not alone.

Do a "smarter" kindness when you donate to World of Giving: every dollar leverages more than 10 dollars worth of life-giving supplies!

Thank you so much for your support.

We all need to respond quickly to help families as the crisis in Israel unfolds.