World of Giving

About Us

World of Giving. Creating a World of Good

As national leaders in the realm of charitable product distribution, World of Giving partners with socially conscious retailers, distributers, and manufacturers, to bring much needed goods to the most vulnerable in our society.

The Need is Great, but So is the Solution

World of Giving impact the lives of thousands of individuals with essential products that they cannot afford to purchase for themselves. Additionally, we work behind the scenes to support our network of partner charities with logistics and product procurement to provide the communities they serve in the US and abroad.

Building a World of Giving

Since 2013, World of Giving has grown to three warehouses in the northeast. In 2021, we have distributed over eighteen-million-dollars worth of merchandise. Our operating costs are currently less then 5% of the value of merchandise distributed. Each day, we receive trailers and trucks at our 30,000 sq. foot central warehouse in Newburgh, NY, where our staff sorts and ships to where the items are needed.

Disaster Relief

When a natural disaster, war or a pandemic strike, World of Giving springs into action, lining up supplies for the relief effort. We leverage our existing relationships with corporate donors and national charities to bring these desperately needed merchandise to the affected communities. They rely on our logistical expertise to allocate these products efficiently and help them rebuild after losing everything!

The Ultimate Win – Win

Our product donors are secure in knowing that their product will make it to those in need.

The environment will not be harmed by senseless and expensive waste disposal.

Their brand will be protected as their product will not be resold on any platform.

Enhanced tax deduction up to double the cost.

Clearing slow moving or unsellable products.