World of Giving

Disaster Recovery

Our 12 year track record of disaster response partnering with major corporations, national charities and private donors, as well as our logistical, warehousing and distribution experience – uniquely positions us to bring relief in these situations.

We ship to Israel on a regular basis and are familiar with the process including customs and regulations. Our partners on the ground ensure efficient and effective distribution minimizing redundancy and eliminating waste.

As the horrific situation in Israel unfolds, we are committed to helping the beleaguered people of Israel throughout this ordeal until they are safely settled peacefully in thier homes.

We are in the process of collecting supplies so that we are able to respond to the disaster area in a comprehensive and timely manner. In the event of a natural disaster, we have trucks ready to go to the affected neighborhoods with all essential items including:

We also provide comprehensive coordinated support in the months following an event. Our volunteers and member organizations are also there to assist with the rebuilding efforts.

We follow safety protocols in sorting and packing merchandise. We distribute by dropping off at the door of quarantine homes and local drive-thru distribution locations.

So far we have distributed to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Passaic, Lakewood, Westchester County, Rockland County, and Orange county. We have even sent supplies as far as Detroit and Silver Springs, MD, and now to communities in Europe and Africa as well.

Israel Relief